Catherine Corelli

Catherine Corelli

I am Catherine Corelli, a musical and graphic artist, and a transgender woman.

I walk through darkness with music and fire in heart.

My primary genre is a cross-over of modern heavy metal and electronic/hip-hop music. However, I do have purely pop songs and EDM tracks.

I've been influenced by bands and artists such as Slipknot, Korn,  Bring Me The Horizon, Enter Shikari, Marilyn Manson also Placebo, Dream Theater, Steven Wilson, Fytch, BLAISE MOORE, Hans Zimmer, Joe Satriani, and others.

Art is powerful, and so is human will.

I have been exposed to abuse, but have chosen to walk through hell with music in my heart. Making music saved my life many times.


When I’ve lost my voice in 2013 due to recurrent nerve damage, my love for music helped me push forth regardless and bring back my singing voice after 5 years of tremendous struggle and little to no hope for recovery.


As a transgender woman, I have an opportunity to be on a unique journey. It took me quite a while to embrace who I am and acknowledge the value of this experience. I used to see it as a curse. Not anymore. Being my real self allows me to create real music that comes from my heart and is well refined by the darkness I’ve had to encounter.



heavy metal




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