Catherine Corelli

Catherine Corelli

I am Catherine Corelli, a musical and graphic artist, and a transgender woman who believes that it's in our power to sculpt ourselves into better human beings regardless of where we were born, what challenges have we been through, and what initial starting options did we have in life.

My primary genre is a cross-over of modern heavy metal and electronic/hip-hop music. However, I do have purely pop songs and EDM tracks.

Art is powerful, and so is human will.

I am a childhood sexual abuse survivor and have been abused later in life as well. However, I've chosen to find a way to best myself through art and change the very way I think, and pierce the darkness I've been struggling with in the past. I didn't want to be a victim. Through art, I've been able to improve and heal.


As a transgender woman, I have an opportunity to be on a unique journey. It took me quite a while to embrace who I am and acknowledge the value of this experience. Art was the powerful force that allowed me to discover myself and be able to enjoy creating and sharing my creations with other people.

I would like everyone to sometimes stop and look into their hearts and unconscious to know themselves better, to accept themselves the way they are, to embrace their creative self, to nurture the child within, and continue on their journey to a happier future.



heavy metal



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