Severance Cover F.jpg

i Alice: Severance

by Catherine Corelli

I Alice: Severance is a metalcore/hardcore/nu metal album with death metal influences created by Catherine Corelli.




This is your brand new metal experience! Follow Alice, follow her rabbits into the darkness.


A book of illustrations called Alice: Confessions will be a follow up to the album. The surreal imagery of this dark erotic piece will walk you through the stories behind the songs, exploit their very fabric, and reveal their essence through a world of authentic symbolism.

A girl losing her white calla lily, a red rabbit whom she occasionally rides, a black caracal from whom she learns to hunt and kill, an ominous owl that watches her breastfeed a doe... There is a whole universe that lives and breathes between the conscious and unconscious, a world of passion, hope, love, lust, fear, anger, and beauty. And Alice will walk you through it, step by step, sometimes giving you a hint, sometimes telling you more, in a few lines.


Alice: Confessions is a book of illustrations by Catherine Corelli and Alan Matthews (Tintette art studio). The book is in work. Alan and Cat plan to print it in paperback . The book will be distributed primarily through Amazon but will also appear in other stores including this website.


Yet another book of illustrations called Alice & The Knights is in work. The artwork in this book is created solely by Catherine herself and takes you on a surreal erotic journey through the themes explored on the "i Alice: Severance" album. This book mostly focuses on the psycho-erotic aspects of the songs as seen from the unconscious, through archetypical suggestive body-scapes and emotions that surface through dream-like imagery.

Alice & The Knights is mostly about a girl walking through the world of men, whereas Alice: Confessions largely investigates her inner world. Both books speak in metaphors and complex symbolism, both have a touch of darkness to them, and both are definitely not meant for minors because of their eroticism.