Evolution: synopsis

Evolution album: Catherine Corelli and her Shannen 9 doll.


Catherine Corelli with her Shannen 9 doll


reminding the master

The first track 'Reminding The Master' is Mark's whiskey inspired nightmare he had just the night before he found a way to make his experimental bio-mechanical  subject a living creature. This nightmare brought him to the stories and memories of the famous Frankenstein that scares him much though drives him forward in his scientific madness.  'Reminding The Master' is also an interlude or overture to the whole album.

the puppet

There was an accident early in the morning. Due to some unbelievable circumstances the test subject (Mark named his project Shannen and this was the 9th model) came to life without the help of Mark. Shannen escaped his house and broke into the wild.

I may never find all the answers

Shannen-9 is overwhelmed by life, emotions, sensations, she's astonished and frightened, happy and terrified at the same time. The storm caught her somewhere in the forest and she found a shelter in an abandoned hunter's cabin. After some sleep she woke up, her head torn apart by numerous questions to which she has no answers. Unable to answer those questions she runs further. The only thing she knows for certain is that she has a father, a creator, a god—whom she betrayed—the one who gave her life, Mark.

Fulfilled & fulfeeling

Shannen-9 travels on foot to the highway where she meets people. Several adventures happen to her as she starts to communicate with those who are in fact her prototype but not her race and kind. Her socialization starts when she's raped by a gang of 1%er bikers, and continues in a local prison for aggressive behavior in public. When released she spends half a year living on a private farm, then takes a trip to LA, reads her first book, wears her first own dress, enjoys her first happy moment. She sets her first goals, does her mistakes, soars through moments of delight, gets sick first time ever, she embraces her first friendship, dives into her first crush. And then comes the day she first realizes she's not a human being at all!  She also learns that life is so precious she doesn't want to lose it, and at the same time she's so scared of the blank and empty future that lays ahead.


Shannen-9 feels twisted inside. What she doesn't know is that every single day of her life she becomes more and more human. Three years passed since she first opened her eyes to the world she never knew before, and it is now that the ultimate painful question 'Why?' starts to seethe through her brain burning its way all the way to the surface.

poisonously yours

Shannen already experienced her first love, first passion, first heartbreak, first pain, and even attempted a suicide. Trying to run away from the pain she feels inside she takes a trip to the place where she was once born. 
She lived among people, socialized well enough, worked jobs, found friends, her mindset progressed into a world of reason and sensuality, pragmatism and dreams, the human world. She thinks she feels like a daughter but at the same time she believes she has some kind of powerful addiction to the man who created her. She fears him and even hates him for the life he'd given her. In fact, she still wonders what life is, a bliss or a torture that she's condemned to suffer to her last breath. The fact of her addiction to Mark drives her really crazy and loops her thoughts around it in a pure maniacal and depressive manner. So she follows her intuitive call and returns to where it all once began.

see my price in my eyes

Wonderful things sometimes happen in life, not to mention life is a wonder in itself. In a diner at a gas station some 500 miles away from Mark's house she meets two bikers, those 1%-ers that raped her and broke her hand three years ago. For the first time ever she recognizes thirst for revenge. But unlike born humans she doesn't consider a sexual assault to be such a devastating thing. At least three years ago the rape itself was mostly a surprise, while the broken hand, and the horrifying sense of insecurity she experienced were far more significant. 
When Shannen is about to leave the diner but one of the guys recognizes and follows her. She tries to walk away deaf to his insults. Then when he grabs her hand she reacts. A quick and fierce fight follows during which she kills the guy by accident hitting him on his head. The second biker sees that and attempts to shoot her as she dashes to her bike. 

How much does a human life cost, really? Is it priceless?


Shannen returns back to Mark's house. She finds him working in his lab on another subject, the paper sticker on the door says it's Shannen-13. Mark is not alone on his project, in these three years he assembled a team, security guards are all around the place too. It takes her a while to slip past them. Shannen-9 tries to talk to Mark, but right from the jump she gets it she's nothing but a test subject to him. She attempts to choke him but the guards are there. She escapes, though. 
As soon as she's on the highway again she knows that 1%er biker club is after her. Now, after she faced the truth about her father and creator, after she lost everything that might have been a blessing in her past she's completely human and she's completely alone. A whole life is spent in the course of three years and a whole new one comes ahead. But what would it be like depends on Shannen and her will to live.