"My technique is normally automatic. And how I work can only be described as chaotic", says Zoë on the approaches she takes in her work. "I just sit down and start making art. Occasionally I will sketch first, like if it's a commission. However, normally, I just let it go." Her works combine the beauty of dreamy yet vivid colors, prolific sense of texture, and dramatic tension that builds up in her graphics on an almost subliminal level. Zoë's art is undeniably surrealistic and profoundly sensual. It unveils the depths of unconscious on a journey of self-exploration, as the cosmic and erotic coalesce at the tip of her brush to give life to a unique universe—the world of Artist Zoë. At the very core of her artistry lies love, the ultimate force that makes the most beautiful things in the world happen and flourish.  "My kids inspire me, but my muse is my boyfriend of 8 years. He pushed me into doing events and marketing my art, and I never believed it would work. But it did, and I'd have never done it if it wasn't for Will."