black moon 1181

This page is dedicated to all sorts of visual art created by Catherine Corelli. It features her graphic works, acrylic paintings, handmade accessories and mixed media.

Viewer discretion advised: this section contains content that is commonly referred to as suggestive/erotic, and can be rated as PG and R.


Nothing truly compares to the raw grainy texture of a pencil stroke. It speaks in a unique language and breathes through occasional blurriness! When there's color pencil or ink to compliment this subtle beauty its depth unfurls and opens up making every square inch into pure poetry.


There's a special feeling to gently smudging acrylic with a finger, almost like sculpting the color, sensing the living character through my own skin, yet realizing the impossibility of making it fully tangible. You see it, you touch it, but still it's evasive, subtle, and slips out of your grasp. That's the beauty of the process.


The eternal game of light and darkness finds its unique point of conjunction in Hybridis, where unrelentingly stern graphics coalesce with the intricate luster of acrylic color, and prurience is bathed in buoyant irony. 


There's a special kind of magic going on when it comes to sculpture because it's so palpable and so alive. But above all the birth of each shape is a fascinating process. From the moment it's just a chunk of clay to the moment a new piece enters the oven it's all a very fluctuating and dynamic process. The feeling you get when it gazes back at you from the tightening heat as you kneel down to pick it gently!